It is mind boggling amazing how professional, knowledgeable and helpful your enrollment staff has been. There are thousands of offers, advertisings, promotions, recommendations and touts from sources online , by telephone , mail , etc . but there is something extremely special about the way your team has presented your services. The representative I spoke with was very confident, clear and patient explaining the website services being offered. Never before have I allowed any other person such a long time to aid me at setting up an account with any type of website, education, or development type of service. The rep I spoke with spoke slowly, and calmly and she heard out all of my questions and gave me answers. It created a feeling of total trust in every word, sentence, thought and explanation. Most of the offers online, by mail, or telephone are phony, fraud, scams, or worse . They lead you in with a small deposit and then ask for more money and a HUGE monthly hosting bill. The rep I spoke with explained that there are additional services available to me if I should choose into them and I didn’t get the impression that this was going to be a BAIT AND SWITCH type of service. I know they offer a variety of services and am now prepared to hear about any additional services they may offer. Gratefully, Carl T

~ Carl T

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