Being certainly past the mid-life point, I chose to buy my first computer just weeks ago. I then decided I wanted to see if I could somehow have the computer pay for itself if at all possible. Discovering the possibilities led me to Accelerated Web Solutions and their phenomenal staff. Having arrived at the point of having “had enough” of the frustration of the work day world, it dawned on me that I could minimize the “bad bosses” and “9 to 5″ rules. The realization of never having to go to “another” interview was actually more than just a delightful daydream. Thanks to the help and professional acumen of the staff at AWS, as an owner and facilitator of my own website, I am the “Boss”. The potential for income and goal attainment is limitless and exhilarating. AWS genuinely cares as if I were a member of their successful family.

~ James R

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