It has been more than ten years since I wrote a letter of thanks to any business for service and professionalism above my expectations. In today’s world, it just doesn’t happen very often. So, I admit, I was somewhat skeptical and afraid to make a decision to sign with you for website design, content assistance, and “mentoring for success”. It is now three months later, and my website is a source of pride and ongoing growth, all of which would not have happened without your excellent work. After all, I did not possess the knowledge or skills about how to make a website attractive to readers, nor what steps to take to get viewed on social media, how to get the website to produce income, and several other factors that greatly influence success. From the very beginning, you have completed the steps as promised on time; using my desires and requests in combination with your design and technical expertise, to give me the look I wanted and a product that is attractively designed and technically sound. Your developers are definitely top-notch! Also, I know that I asked a lot of questions, especially in the first few weeks, because I really lacked experience and I didn’t want it to show on the website. But, your amazing customer service has helped me each time; showing me the way, or explaining “how to do it”, sometimes just doing it for me—whatever I asked was accomplished. In customer service, I would like to give highest praise to the entire staff especially Stacy, who is knowledgeable and caring, and has provided excellent assistance and thoughtful ideas that have helped to make the website a success. She is friendly, reliable, and easy to understand. She is a gem! Thanks again for your ongoing support as my website continues to grow and improve. Sincerely, Rick D

~ Rick D

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