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Disclosure Document Required by Arizona Law

The information contained in this disclosure has not been verified by the state. If you have any questions about your purchase of this business opportunity, seek professional advice before you sign a contract or make any payment. You are to be provided five business days to review this document before signing a contract or making any payment to the seller or the seller’s representative.

Accelerated Web Solutions, LLC

11022 N 28th Drive Ste 255

Phoenix, AZ, 85029

This disclosure document is required to be sent prior to purchasing AWS services.

If you should decide to enroll into the AWS specialty niche services, AWS will develop a standard website for you based around your hobbies, passions, interests or a topic or subject of your choice; after enrolling into the AWS services a development specialist will be assigned to your account who will help you discover and identify a niche topic that works best for you; the AWS specialty niche services also include the technical configuration of C-panel and WHM installation, as well as the configuration and installation of a content management platform, AWS will handle the theme installation, along with other techniques used for optimum website configuration. The purchase of the specialty niche services also includes the registration of a domain name, this domain name is and will be registered to you, the website owner and you will have full ownership of this property/domain name. It is and will be the domain owners responsibility to renew their domain name each and every year, the AWS domain department will send several emails notifying the domain owner that their domain name is close to expiring 11 months after the original registration date of your domain name, the annual domain renewal fees can range from $10-$25 depending on the public or private registration options you decide to opt into, our specialty niche website services also include the placement of niche related articles inserted into your website, these niche related articles will relate to the niche topic of your choice, either licensed or open sourced images will be placed within the niche related articles of your website, keywords can be provided to the website owner upon request, and depending on the services that you are considering or have decided to purchase, you will have the ability to integrate Pay Per Click (PPC) services into your website, you may also have the ability to integrate Pay Per Sale (PPS) services into your website, as well as the opportunity to integrate and advertise the AWS referral program onto your website. Once your website goes live, our support staff will be assisting you with the PPC/PPS application and integration processes. Completing the PPC and PPS application is the website owner’s responsibility. Once this has been completed the AWS staff will be available to assist the website owner in the integration process and train them on how to update and manage content on their website. It is the website owner’s responsibility to post, update content and manage their website. If the website owner should need any additional support or training it is the website owner’s responsibility to contact AWS to schedule an appointment. Simply put, AWS builds the website for the website owner so that they can post, update content and manage their website.

Depending on the specialty niche website services you may be considering or have chosen to purchase with AWS. The specialty niche website services can vary in price from $49.00-$499.00. Our Start Up Package is available for as little as $49.00, Our Basic, Premium, and Deluxe website services vary in price and can go all the way up to $499.00. (Please make note that once the domain name is registered and the website services and work orders are completed all website service fees and hard costs are considered non-refundable)

AWS will provide 30-60-90 days of free web hosting. AWS hosting plans include automatic backups for secure storage, AWS hosting environment is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week to strive for 99.9999% up time, the AWS hosting services are always up to date with the latest patches, software, and optimizations. AWS hosting fees are automatically billed to the website owner on the first of every month for your website. AWS Hosting fees vary from $4.95-$29.95 per website. (All hosting fees paid are considered nonrefundable)

All of the AWS specialty niche website services include access to the AWS support page, AWS online knowledge base; as well as an initial walk-through of your website along with content and post-training and ongoing web support which is available by both email and by phone. Our office hours are from Monday through Thursday 8am-6pm (Arizona Time), and Friday from 8am-4pm (Arizona Time). AWS offers a variety of services; this includes print as well as promotional material along with custom website services. All services are considered to be optional and are available to any and all customers. The price for custom web development can vary from project to project. Our staff will discuss all custom development projects up front and provide a service agreement prior to initiating any development with the website owner. Custom development and website fees can range from as little as $59.00 and can go all the way up to several thousand dollars. (All website service fees and hard costs are considered nonrefundable)

As required by Arizona law, Accelerated Web Solutions has filed its annual registration statement with Arizona secretary of state.

As required by Arizona law, Accelerated Web Solutions has secured a bond issued by Viking Bond, a surety bond company authorized to do business in Arizona. 22601 N. 19th Ave, Phoenix, Az, 85027

Accelerated Web Solutions (AWS) is a web development, design, and blogging consultation company.

Over the years we have helped thousands of people better understand the internet, content management platforms, social media services and the vast monetization tools available in today’s day and age.

AWS offers a wide variety of services. Ranging from web development, design, seo, social media marketing, print marketing, web hosting, domain management, and the list goes on. AWS utilizes a variety of resources across the World Wide Web that supports the delivery of high quality web related products and services at ultra-competitive prices. Some resources include and are not limited to Word Press, Buddy Press, StudioPress, Woo Themes, iThemes, Theme Forest, Joomla, Akismet, Wild West Domains, 1 and 1, Blue Host, Host Gator, Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Getty Images, Advanced Graffix, Wild West Domains, Powerhouse Group, Clicksor, PayPal, Commission Junction, Bidvertiser, EchoSign, GraphicRiver, iContact, Next Gen Tax, ThemePix, WPMUDEV, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, 123RF, AdMedia, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Google, Amazon Associates, Ebay, Shopify, Clickbank, Rakuten, MaxBounty, Share a Sale, GoDaddy, and as technology grows… we’re confident that our network, and list of companies that we work with or utilize will continue to grow as well.

Accelerated Web Solutions will begin work once Service Agreement and payment(s) are received. All services will begin within 1-3 business days from receipt of payment.

To receive a refund of the payments of services, client must notify AWS that they would like to cancel services. A certified letter or an email sent to support@acceleratedwebsolutions.com is required. Any refund requests made after seven-ten business days will be made in the sole discretion of AWS.

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about our company’s specialty niche services. We understand there are many companies on the World Wide Web that offer various types of web support and web related services. As part of our commitment to you, our dedicated staff of employee’s, and our existing customer’s, we encourage anyone who is considering to use our services to read through all of the information to insure that you understand the terms of use, disclosures, and privacy policies listed on our company web page.

If you should have any questions about any of our products or services we advise that you contact our support staff and we will be happy to assist you.

We appreciate you considering our services; We look forward to working with you!!!


Accelerated Web Solutions, LLC

Phone: 602-714-5181

Fax: 602-334-1933

Email: support@acceleratedwebsolutions.com