“I began my association with Accelerated Web Solutions through a web link I found as I researched various aspects of website design at the beginning of December, 2014. The development specialist quickly and professionally explained my various options to develop various aspects of my website while helping me come up with the perfect domain name. I was particularly impressed with his easily understood explanations and the professional clarity of their contracts. I was subsequently contacted by their support team who quickly gained my interest and worked steadily with me on various aspects of the website development. I couldn’t ask for a friendlier and more supportive staff. They understood and would patiently listen to my efforts to explain my goals, since I had no previous experience. Their staff was instrumental in guiding the finished product to my liking. They were encouraging in regards to me creating my content and were careful to point out the pitfalls and benefits as we continued to develop the site. The whole process was smooth and nearly effortless. The price was affordable for my limited budget, and I was able to add sections to the site as time went on. The site has a professional appearance to rival the best I’d seen in my web surfing experience. The support staff was able to integrate three additional programs into my site, converting into the hub of my monetizing efforts in a short two months, from contract signing to our current functional site.I have nothing but the greatest respect, appreciation, and admiration for Accelerated Web Solutions – a company that lives up to its name in a professionally satisfying way. I look forward to continuing our association as we add increasing levels of sophistication to the site in the future.

~ Antonio C

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